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The composition of terrazzo grinder and each component function

The composition of terrazzo grinder and each component function as a kind of cost cheap, design and color and appearance can be designed at will, integral sex is good, beautiful and easy, without the radiation, wear-resisting, wide application in preventing the slippery, prefabricate terrazzo floor tile that fights ageing, service life and natural stone material to comparative to be built in facilities of urban and rural ground, the equipment —— terrazzo grinder that produces terrazzo floor tile also received wide application, arisen also the manufacturer home of many terrazzo bricks. So terrazzo grinder has what what comprises, acute of our Henan graph is you below introduce in detail. Machine of terrazzo floor tile has 4 parts to comprise, following plan institute are shown, namely bucket elevator, ration offers makings mixer, annulus forming machine of floor tile of the mixer that grind type, terrazzo (the air after suppress shapes basks in natural airing) , terrazzo grinder (polishing burnish machines finished product floor tile) .
Bucket elevator: The bucket elevator is had carry an amount big, promotion height is tall, move to wait for distinct advantage smoothly reliably, use at small part to promote toward altitude, the machine after supplying stock to pass artificial and devoted hopper runs automatically to be carried up continuously come round of mixer that grind type. The operation is convenient and simple, the save labour when the province. Annulus the mixer that grind type and ration offer makings mixer: According to abroad newest annulus grind, round of Zhan that the advantage of agitate equipment is designed and becomes and agitate close 2 for the type of one. Use the gravity of round screw die, the chunk that will undertake despotic concrete or the stock with inhomogenous agitate undertakes crunch and pulverize, make its more even and exquisite, next the concrete stock that ration gives terrazzo forming machine supply ration for makings mixer. Forming machine of terrazzo floor tile: This is the core branch of product line of terrazzo floor tile, it is the lead plane of the product line of terrazzo floor tile, be opposite through the mould round of concrete that grinds mixer supply undertake treatment shapes passing 500 tons of press, production gives over all dimension accurate, the cement floor tile with high intensity.
Terrazzo grinder: Terrazzo floor tile shapes through suppress after air, undertake polishing through terrazzo grinder, automation rate is high, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient, the member that occupy choose and employ persons is little, manufacturing efficiency is tall. Automation rate is high at the same time, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient, the member that occupy choose and employ persons is little and manufacturing efficiency is tall. As a whole machine of floor tile of terrazzo of machine of floor tile of terrazzo of Henan graph acute uses machine, report, fluid, gas, light, accuse at an organic whole, man-machine interface is controlled, function of self check breakdown is all ready, top class parts of an apparatus is configured, the service life that prolongs equipment ensures at the same time the high-powered play of equipment.
The terrazzo grinder of Henan graph acute has gotten the user of countrywide each district is approbated at present, everyday the client comes to a company undertake making an on-the-spot investigation ceaselessly, buy equipment.
Say of travel of comprehensive carry out accomplishs Henan graph acute, efficiency the service of 100 is affirmatory, make trade of Chinese terrazzo grinder the first brand, greeting all directions comes to a company to inspect joint development before the friend, advisory hot line: 0371-56669277

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