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Waterproof measures of brick machine and maintenance of brick machine parts

At present, a lot of brick machine equipment will be produced in the open field without burning bricks. As a kind of mechanical equipment, many electronic components will be used. These electronic components can not touch water, so for brick machine equipment , Waterproof work is very important, but how to protect brick machine equipment from rain in summer? Share this knowledge with you.
1. There is a lot of rain in summer. You must first buy some rain cloths and protective facilities for the brick machine to prevent rain, and cover the brick machine with rain cloth.
2. To prevent water leakage in the entire workshop, reinforce the reinforcement, and do a good job in waterproofing and drainage of the workshop.
3. The workshop arranges a special person on duty for flood prevention, so that the flood situation can be known early to prevent the phenomenon that the flood situation is unknown and no one manages the brick machine in the rain.
The use of the brick making machine is the most common machine in the construction industry. Its operation is simple and easy for ordinary workers to use. When the brick making machine fails, the skilled operator can immediately determine where the problem is, and it is also possible to make a simple repair by himself. In order to avoid the failure of the brick making machine, it is necessary to carry out correct daily maintenance and maintenance.
The cement bricks produced by the brick making machine are of high quality. Investing in the brick machine not only saves manpower, financial resources, and material resources, but also creates efficient results. The world is now facing serious environmental pollution problems. Everyone is now paying attention to environmental protection. The emergence of brick making machines has effectively solved these problems, so it has been favored by the market.
Brick making machine is a kind of energy-saving and environmentally friendly brick making equipment. This equipment has the advantages of high output and diversified brick making. The brick making machine can use a variety of waste materials to produce high-quality building bricks, such as standard bricks, hollow bricks, Perforated bricks, slope protection bricks, road tiles, etc., brick making machines are in great demand in the market and meet the environmental protection requirements advocated by the country.
However, even a screw has its great use. It can be said that it is the most basic component of the machine. It is indispensable for the huge full-automatic hydraulic brick making machine. Therefore, many people will ignore its function, but in this equipment Indispensable for the advantage. Small screws may make the automatic hydraulic brick machine lose its ability to work, because it is the screws that assemble this huge non-burning brick machine machinery and equipment. Without screws, the equipment will not have a complete body. In the process of making bricks, it is generally necessary to vibrate to make bricks. Then the screws of the equipment will loosen slowly, so we need to check frequently whether the screws of our equipment are loose. Although the equipment produced by the manufacturer will be carefully checked before leaving the factory, under normal circumstances there will be no problems for about 3 months, but if it is operated for a long time, the screws will definitely be loose. In order not to affect the normal operation of the machine, we Must do a good job of screw inspection.

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