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Brief introduction of raw materials for production of terrazzo tile machine

The terrazzo tile machine is the most affordable and basic raw material in the production of the mechanical industry construction industry-stone powder, cement and crushed stone. Put these in this machine, after high pressure, naturally cured and then polished, it can be comparable to pure natural marble. Moreover, now that the industry is becoming more and more developed, the market continues to grow, and customer demand is increasing. Therefore, the characteristics of Turui Machinery located in Zhengzhou may not necessarily have developed a variety of different formulas and diverse applications, which makes the performance of terrazzo brick machines more and more powerful.
Our equipment can be divided into four categories. The use of this type of cement will be wider, and relatively economical and durable, cost-effective and a variety of patterns, the construction of new rural areas can recommend this. Resin type terrazzo, this kind of product is very lustrous if produced well, and the color is bright and rich, the effect of processing and decoration is very good, and the production of this one is relatively easy to mold, at room temperature It can be cured. The production of sintered artificial stone and ceramic technology is similar. This kind of material is highly decorative and has stable performance, but it requires a relatively high cost and high energy consumption relative to Lesotho. The compound type is the cheapest in all, so it is easy to crack or flake due to temperature differences and changes, which is not good.
Nowadays, the terrazzo brick machine industry is booming step by step, and Turui Machinery will also spare no effort to research and manufacture better machines for people.

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