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Why Terrazzo Machine Use Oil Cylinders instead of Air Cylinders

The difference between pneumatic parts and hydraulic parts used in automatic terrazzo tile machines:
1. Fully automatic terrazzo machines are now divided into hydraulic and pneumatic grinding heads. Some customers think that these grinding heads are the same and the quality is similar, but the price is much worse. The main reason for the price difference is that pneumatic components are not durable enough, and pneumatic components are particularly vulnerable to damage in muddy water environments.
Pneumatics mainly rely on sealing to inject air into pneumatic components. Cement mixed into seals for a long time will cause certain gaps in the seals. Natural pneumatic components will be damaged after a long time.
Secondly, as a component with low pressure and unadjustable pressure, the cylinder is mainly used in equipment with high accuracy and no pressure maintenance (that is, maintaining pressure), otherwise the seals need to be replaced from time to time and are not easy to maintain.
2. Why use hydraulic cylinder
Because the hydraulic cylinder can hold the pressure for a long time, it can adapt to the muddy water environment, can adapt to many other environments and so on. The hydraulic oil cylinder is not completely hard pressed like the cylinder, but has a buffer, which can better avoid the crushing rate.

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