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How Many Workers Required for Operating The Terrazzo Production Line

If you want to buy terrazzo equipment, you need to fully understand the performance of the terrazzo, especially in the production process. One of the important links is to arrange the labor of the terrazzo production line to ensure the efficient operation of the terrazzo and reduce the production cost.
Operation steps of terrazzo brick machine production line:
1: Loading. In the past, manual shoveling and loading were used. Nowadays, the automatic loading shovel can completely replace manual labor, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
2: Feeder. In order to further save ingredients, a fully automatic quantitative feeder came into being, because it is a machine operation, which can save one more manpower.
3: Brick out. A terrazzo brick machine must be operated by a worker. The brick output of some equipment is relatively large, which may require two people to cooperate.
4: The terrazzo machine is fully automated, and the full-automatic terrazzo machine performs all tasks such as coarse, medium, fine grinding and polishing in one performance. The operation is simple, and the operation can be completed by 2-3 people in the whole process, saving labor, electricity and other costs.

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