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What are the auxiliary equipments for terrazzo tile machine?

What are the auxiliary equipments for terrazzo tile machine plant?
Besides the terrazzo tile machine, there are other auxiliary equipments necessarry to complete the full plant, they are: batching machine, bucket elevator, mixer, doser, stacker, terrazzo polishing machine, pumps and air compressor:
Batching machine: to feed into the bucket elevator the right percentage of cement, aggregate and sand.
Bucket elevator: to lift cement, aggregate, sand from batching machine into the mixer;
Mixer: to mix all the materials with water and make them a liquid concrete.
Doser: according to different terrazzo size, to change the doser height, to give accurate quantity of material for each press.
Stacker: the stacker is to stack the pressed tiles for easy transport, which greatly reduced the labor force.
Terrazzo polishing machine: when the tiles are half dried, the terrazzo polishing machine will grind and polish the tiles surface and give it a shinning and glory look.

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