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How to operate Terrazzo tile machine properly.

The technology skill level is high to operate the fully automatic terrazzo tile machine production, the following points need to be noticed in order to prolong the machine service life.
A. If the terrazzo tile machine feed hopper long-time contact with cement, easy to condense into pieces, so the material to follow, should not be stored for too long.
B. Slip sleeve and column wear excessive to replace the alloy sleeve to ensure that the mold box and pressure on both sides of the gap are generally said, stripping smooth.
C. Avoid using coarse material or foreign hard material been fed into the machine in case to damage the hydraulic system.
D. Need to replace the hydraulic oil at least once every six months, at the same time to regularly check the oil tank is leaking, if necessary, less oil, to avoid damage to the cylinder.
E. Brick board height to be unified, to be flat, to avoid the production of brick height is different.

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