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Machine of terrazzo floor tile gets of Nepalese client praise

Machine of terrazzo floor tile gets of Nepalese client praise sorching summer, nepalese client inspects machine of terrazzo floor tile to the company, in our technology engineer accompany below, this client understood floor tile opportunity in detail run flow, detailed configuration, cover an area of dimensions to wait a moment. Do manual work of facility of my company terrazzo grinder is exquisite, reliable performance is high, overhaul easily. Use entrance component and finish machining a replacement, have hardness tall, wearability is good, efficiency of the efficiency that grind a brick raises 30 % above. Overall use wear-resisting board, fault rate is low, the structure is solid, prolong mechanical service life. Shape rate is rapid, minutely can achieve 4-5 piece, class crop can amount to 1800, yield is high, quality is good, it is my factory present brunt type. Machine of terrazzo floor tile produces technological process: Why should choose us? NO, my company establishs 1 company dominant position more than 30 years to come, sincere letter is managed, quality assures, examine from raw material, semi-manufactured goods examines, finished product is overall examine, quality detects enclothe leave factory whole process. Obtain letter of 36 countries patent, certificate of attestation of CE, BV, ISO, model is all ready, seasoned, self-supporting exit, we export a lot of nations for many times, wait like Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Qatar. NO, company of 2 products advantage's ceaseless research and development innovates, have the market quick response ability, can be opposite according to the user the diverse demand individuation of the product is custom-built production. Main part reachs the product fragile all use high grade wear-resisting material and advanced treatment technology, use former outfit to import PLC but program controller, unifinication automata, man-machine interface, the operation is convenient, function is stabilized reliably. NO, assemble of company of 3 talents advantage large quantities of one acute meaning enterprising are representing an industry elite of the management of banner level, scientific research, group of the products plan group that has major, research and development, production group, sale group, total project is Chinese machinist job well-known industry expert, ever led a design to develop the home that count era's banner environmental protection device. NO, since company of 4 technologies advantage is established oneself market research and development, production, sale is an organic whole, insist to produce, learn, the road that grinds to be united in wedlock, the technology that devotes oneself to new product is reached newlier transform, professional technology all the time since banner at course of study of person of the same trade. NO, 5 services dominant position our company provide man-to-man service for the client, whole journey offers plan of detailed list of the plan that build a plant, equipment, distribution, earth to build fundamental graph, equipment to install the relevant technology data such as the graph to offer reference for the client, group technique engineer arrives at installation of client on-the-spot guidance to debug, the spot grooms the service such as operation personnel, all company products all protect a year character. As now the ceaseless development of equipment, dress warmly and ear one's fill is comparatively well-off even not be a problem any more, now people food and clothing not anxious and the quality that what pay attention to more is the life. Machine of our terrazzo floor tile is the equipment of an environmental protection that attachs most importance to bit of research and development in the light of green environmental protection, meeting international values level of pollution highly to the environment, our terrazzo brick machine became the protagonist of economy of low carbon of environmental protection of the sources of energy, those who protect an environment is new-style recommend a product, its are sold all the time the dominant position of occupant company. We also are opposite below the profit of terrazzo product line undertakes simple analysis, the wait-and-see client that it may not be a bad idea allows pair of terrazzo brick machine has a background in the heart. Will tell from producer goods: The raw material that terrazzo place of production uses is pink of cobble of our common cement, color, stone. Draw materials is extensive, do not need to cover an area of take earth not to need fire more, the place that is national policy to. Will tell from the production of the machine: The machine belongs to goofy type operation, full automatic production, operate simply easy control, scale of production but can small, investment is agile. And equipment but the basis asks actually custom-built, change the mould can produce cement colour to cover with tiles, a machine can produce a variety of products, kill two birds with one stone. Will tell from terrazzo grinder benefit: Terrazzo brick cost of production is in about 20 ~ 25 yuan / square, market price 50 ~ 60 yuan / square, invest in those days, get effective in those days, it is the good choice that you do poineering work. The cement floor tile that this equipment produces, density tall, damaged leads big, intensity low, over all dimension is accurate, and product breed is much, pattern is all ready, grain clarity, beautiful and easy, having numerous use, many cities undertake collective grange is transformed now, demand big, it is the good good luck of investment, the opportunity differs person, welcome new old client to call: 0371-56669277, serve for you wholeheartedly!

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