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How to choose appropriate machine of oneself terrazzo floor tile

How to choose appropriate machine of oneself terrazzo floor tile nowadays as life quality rise and the rapid development of Chinese economy, the competition that builds building materials industry also is sent more intense, every manufacturer is making his special part, taste newly in the produces oneself specialty of strive to be the first and research and development, the product of full of beautiful things in eyes yields key point of client cross-stitch work, choose not know what to do. Pursue by Henan below the opinion that acute is in charge of the technical personnel of terrazzo grinder technically offerring a few major to the client.
1, know you want to make what material exactly how old the product of dimension, and the pattern of floor tile. Can communicate a picture in order to be the same as technical personnel, parameter, video undertakes the abecedarian is communicated undertake affirming.
2, after affirming mix according to oneself actual condition further the requirement of craft of pair of finished product stock, some craft that make a brick are for instance OK through changing the mould transforms make tile, can obtain one chance multi-purpose, economic cost while also can achieve a requirement.
3, make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, visit manufacturer of product line of a few terrazzo grinder more, actual strength of dimensions of manufacturer of Henan graph acute is abundant, plant area at any time stock is much crusher equipment finished product, offer a client meticulous contrast, can understand performance of plane of terrazzo floor tile deep more.
4, goods compares 3, the price, brand, service, it is good that Henan graph acute measures actor, attitude of attending to guests with producing quality as oneself advocate make a brand, devote oneself to to supply the equipment with efficient, energy-saving, reasonable price for the client, establish the connection that stabilizes for a long time with old client, the collaboration that keeps good concerns.
5, after paying attention to carry out, the user needs manufacturer of aircraft of floor tile of terrazzo of many pairs of homes to undertake advisory contrast. Want to understand the technical situation of each manufacturer, and aptitude and acquisition honor, technical circumstance is Chongzhongzhi to machine of terrazzo floor tile heavy.

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