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How had run plant of floor tile of a terrazzo

How had run plant of floor tile of a terrazzo now as standard of living rise, and the ceaseless construction of urban and rural program and greenbelt park, also be in to the demand of terrazzo floor tile ceaseless addition, so open factory of floor tile of a terrazzo also was included by many people become rich plan, but how had managed, let factory of terrazzo floor tile get long-term development is first issue, we pursue below the experience that the technical manager of machine of floor tile of special responsible terrazzo passes acute to share them with the communication between old client and everybody and method: 1. Advertisement conduct propaganda: Strong start business of plant of new-blown floor tile is principal attract more new clients namely, so conduct propaganda is crucial, everybody is opposite nature of new start business the quality stand or fall of floor tile everybody is not very hep, attract many customer in order to have the activity of allure only, even if be visiting it may not be a bad idea, also had propagandist effect. 2. Public praise sale: Public praise sale is with oneself good quality conquers client, in the client group in build good reputation, let according to legend of client mouth mouth, such it may be said are a free vivid ad, it is even outside a few times of advertisement effect. Quality of terrazzo floor tile is done so that just can achieve very much with all possible means the effect of win-win, but the implementation of public praise effect asks not just changeless all the time character, have the safeguard after perfect service and close carry out even, after the experience that provides old customer satisfaction, ability lets them be the production of terrazzo floor tile initiatively to make conduct propaganda. 3. Sales promotion activity: Encounter the growth that activity of a few sales promotion holds to promote turnover with respect to need when bottleneck period is off-season perhaps when the sale of terrazzo floor tile, the attention that draws more person lets more person have the opportunity of more understanding to floor tile factory. Henan graph acute devotes oneself to to produce the engine of terrazzo floor tile of more efficient environmental protection, be in charge of sleeping lightly for the client deliver goods, installation, groom etc, the welcome comes to my factory look around to try freely machine, the effective to offerring program that build a plant, advisory hot line: 0371-56669277

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