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Have the terrazzo grinder of graph acute characteristic, outstanding look so that see

Have the terrazzo grinder of graph acute characteristic, outstanding look so that see terrazzo grinder quality is fine, produce efficiency is tall, goods is had beautiful and easy, drawing diversity, construction is convenience, time limit for a project is short, contributive little shtick.
Machine bulk is little, the operation is brief, it is the new model of a kind of small devoted high profit, the cement floor tile of laid. It is good to have water penetration, laid is brief, newer advantage. This equipment chooses world advanced technique to make, for shake pressing type shapes the machine that make a brick, choose fluid drive, compositive oil path, electric control, the operation is convenience, layout is compact, have automation rate tall, noise is little use life long; is forced mould synchronism is organized, make sure goods ply is collective, drawing of patterns is smooth, the characteristic; with tall n can produce the cement products of all sorts of drawing, deserve to go up all sorts of moulds, add dye to be able to restrict floor tile of all sorts of colorific multicoloured cement, goods picture of limitation is clear, how much measure is normative, beautiful prevent slippery.
Terrazzo grinder organization and characteristic
1, hydraulic pressure system: Choose lead hydraulic pressure double share to hold control technical ability, can be opposite conveniently the pressure of arbitrary branch oil path and oily quantity have hydraulic pressure system adjusting control, movement is smooth and steady, power is concentrated, can use next different raw material produces same high quality goods,
2, electronic-controlled system: Intelligence of whole process PLC is held accuse, equipment data exports equipment, hold accuse a system to still include banner safe logic to hold accuse to reach illness to diagnose a system (optional match long-distance adjusting control) .
3, oscillation system: Adopt extraordinary skill to optimize find a place for oscillation axis, make oscillation distributings equably inside whole bedplate limits, progress greatly next the consistency of goods function, smooth and steady sex, the product that pledges higher is made below the situation that deserves to compare together, drop effectively together noise.
Collective fixed stage represents way, can progress goods shapes the accuracy of speed and product measure.

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