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How To Improve Production Efficiency of Terrazzo Tile Machine

How much efficiency does the automatic terrazzo tile machine bring to the handmade brick or tile industry? The answer is: 200%-300%, the daily efficiency of ordinary handmade bricks is about 400-600 pieces, and the procedures are complicated, the labor intensity is high, the labor is difficult, and the salary is high. Through the transformation of the fully automatic production line, the sidewalk brick and tile industry have been completely rewritten by this equipment.
Through the terrazzo brick machine, the current production efficiency can reach 2000 pieces per minute. The production efficiency is high and the speed is high. The most important thing is to save labor. The cement product industry can be freed from the difficult work situation. 3-4 people can The entire production line is operated with high investment, quick results, and fewer people.
Efficiency is the life of an enterprise. This sentence is no longer a theory in books. It is the state of life that modern business managers actually feel. If it can not have a strong production efficiency. Enterprises will be eliminated by fierce market competition. This is particularly prominent in the construction material production industry. With the fierce real estate industry and the sharp increase in demand for construction materials, many construction material suppliers have been eliminated because they cannot adapt to the market. However, the emergence of Turui Machinery Factory in Zhengzhou has given the majority of construction material production enterprises first-line vitality.

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