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Selection of raw materials for making terrazzo tiles

The choice of raw materials for making terrazzo tiles is very particular. Among the raw materials, there are cement, stones, and powders, and there are certain ingredients problems.
The choice of cement is generally gray cement. The tiles made will show the color of general cement. Such bricks are generally suitable for ordinary floor tiles and green and red bricks.
Secondly, the selection of cement can also use white cement. Generally, white cement is mainly used as white floor tiles or high-grade bricks. From another aspect, white cement has very high plasticity, so customers generally mix white cement with color paste and pigments to dye white tiles into red floor tiles or yellow and other bright colors.
Selection of stone powder: 
Stone powder generally chooses the same color as the stone. The purpose of adding stone powder to terrazzo bricks is mainly to increase the fluidity of the brick. Therefore, the stone powder can choose the same raw material as the stone and crush it to a certain fineness.
The size of the stone
Generally, the size of the stone should not be too large. You can choose a relatively small stone, such as a 3cm floor tile, and a 1.5cm diameter. Oversized stones are not only easily broken during the pressing process.
In addition, there is a question that customers often ask, why is the terrazzo tiles brighter?
Because the surface of the terrazzo tiles is ground away, the stone will be exposed. The bright place of the terrazzo is the fault of the stone, so the whole tile is relatively bright.

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